The WelcomeVoter Kiosk: Efficiency and Accessibility Through Innovation and Experience

PollPower brings our customers election day management.


PollPower is a comprehensive poll place network.
PollPower is an electronic poll book, plus an array of powerful management capabilities that are unrivaled. How is this possible? It’s because of who we are:
• VOTEC is the professional practice with the elections-hardened staff that incorporates your business requirements into user-friendly product functionality.
• VOTEC is the company with disciplined project management processes and project managers you need to make you successful.

You want a PollPower system if you want the Power to:

1. Communicate

Communicate what you want to a targeted person or team instantaneously

2. Analyze

Archive and analyze your poll worker instant message conversations

3. Open

Check off the poll open steps on screen

4. Monitor

Monitor wait times for your check-in lines and your voting booth lines

5. Queue

Queue up voters by walking the voter line with a mobile device

6. Retrieve Live Data

Retrieve up to the second voter information from your voter registration system

7. Track

Track your equipment security seals via the poll place computer

8. Close

Check off the poll close steps on screen

9. Reconcile

Start payroll and ballot reconciliation immediately

And When the Sun Goes Down
Start payroll and ballot reconciliation immediately
Close your office knowing where everything stands
Upload your voter history with one touch
Go home with the feeling of a job well done

Cook County: A PollPower Case Study

In Cook County, Illinois with 1,673 precincts, VOTEC delivered a product as sophisticated as a hotel reservation system for a chain with 1,673 hotels. The precinct poll books need to have the voter’s reservation (registration) when they show up. They need to be able to check them in efficiently. They need to create a fully accurate and auditable record of the voter’s visit. They need to accept database changes in real time.

Extending our VoteSafe poll book system to this level has taken close to 4,000 programmer hours and a sizable team to test, document, and train to customer specifications.

PollPower is VOTEC Software for

Poll and Election Management.

If you don’t need the comprehensive tools in PollPower you will still enjoy the ease of use of VoteSafe™ electronic poll books.

The Authority in Elections Management

VOTEC is a veteran and highly qualified elections management practice, with extensive hiring from elections authorities and the best staff retention rate in the industry. VOTEC understands your business requirements and quickly grasps your specific wants and needs.


Please your constituents at every turn with information on demand.


Your Voters.

Your Poll workers.

Your Candidates.

Your Press.

Your election day can be a process, not a roll of the dice.

You can manage chaos.

You can wrap up election night with confidence.