Press Release: Tippecanoe County Successfully Introduces New Election Technology from VOTEC Corporation

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tippecanoe County, Indiana chose VoteSafe™, the electronic pollbook from the VOTEC Corporation (VOTEC), to improve the election process, and Tuesday’s election was a tremendously successful rollout. Tippecanoe County voters join the nearly 10 million other registered voters using this high-tech yet easy to use election management solution from VOTEC.

The Tippecanoe County Election Board chose VoteSafe to help modernize their election operations, and this November’s election was its initial use. The County received support and training from VOTEC and Governmental Business Systems (GBS), VOTEC’s business associate in Indiana. VoteSafe electronic pollbooks streamlined the check-in process at vote centers and allowed communications between the Board of Elections office and each vote center. VoteSafe Live Help proved to be a useful and effective method of keeping connections from the Board of Elections office to each polling place throughout the day, added voter check-in efficiencies, and reduced the overall election expenses, all objectives of the Board.

Christa Coffey, Tippecanoe County Clerk, pointed out some noticeable VoteSafe strengths: “It is critical in elections to have confidence in the technology we use; VoteSafe gives me the ability to certify my check-in reports, knowing they are accurate. The additional feature of an audit trail being preserved of any communication and decisions related to how voters are processed provides additional reassurance.” Tuesday proved to be a great experience for her staff, “from poll worker training and traveling to vote centers on election day, our poll workers LOVE VoteSafe. The interactive communication was helpful to reduce phone calls. Tippecanoe County served as a leader in implementing vote centers to increase flexibility to voters, and this change is the next fundamental step in improving our election process.”

“All of us at VOTEC are pleased with the success in Tippecanoe County, a pioneer in vote centers in Indiana,” said John Medcalf, chief executive officer of VOTEC. “Christa Coffey is determined to improve the election workflow and use instant communications to better serve the voters, the poll workers, and her internal staff. VOTEC staff is excited to have delivered this technology in Indiana. We are looking forward to helping other Indiana Counties enjoy the benefits of VoteSafe.”

About The VOTEC Corporation ( – The VOTEC Corporation is headquartered in San Diego, California with sales and support offices in Texas and Illinois and support offices in Pennsylvania and Oregon. VOTEC is a leading provider of election technology, including the VEMACSTM election management and voter registration system and the VoteSafe electronic pollbook. VOTEC has developed technology solutions for election jurisdictions throughout the U.S. for over 30 years and is proud to list over 120 counties in nine states (California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Texas, and Washington) using VOTEC products. VOTEC’s entire suite of products is expertly supported by the company’s experienced team of former elections officials and election technology managers.

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