Press Release: VOTEC Corporation Announces Electronic Poll Books to Modernize Ohio and Texas Polling Places

VOTEC Corporation (San Diego, CA) announced today the first sales of VoteSafe with the Voter Kiosk. Champaign County, Ohio and Bastrop and Bexar Counties in Texas have selected VoteSafe with the Voter Kiosk to let their voters follow the poll workers’ actions on the voters’ own screen. This combination of PC and tablet is available as an all-in-one, single power cord package for quick, sure handling by election staff.

Kiosks are not unique. The VoteSafe Voter Kiosk is unique among electronic poll book products. The Voter Kiosk is a tablet PC facing the voter on the voter’s side of the check-in table. This allows the voter to follow along on the entire check-in process. The Voter Kiosk saves time and gives confidence throughout the check in process with a large screen presenting variable instructions and feedback to the voter. This has at least eight desirable benefits:

  • Mistakes caused by verbal miscommunication are eliminated.
  • Delays caused by verbal miscommunication are reduced or eliminated.
  • A voter can confirm name and address on screen more quickly than it can be read aloud.
  • In a primary election a voter picks their own party by touching the Kiosk screen.
  • There is no need to flip or rotate a screen back and forth between poll worker and voter.
  • The Voter Kiosk screen is near the voter.
  • The Voter Kiosk screen can be handed to a voter whose disabilities make this desirable.
  • Voters are constantly reassured that they are being correctly identified.

Champaign County Election Director Kathy Meyer says “The Voter Kiosk will provide my poll workers and voters with the easiest and most effective interface we can imagine. We were pleased to find this alternative to the ‘one size fits all’ tablets being sold by the other vendors.”

Bridgette Escobido, Bastrop County Texas Elections Administrator says “Bastrop County was VOTEC’s first poll book customer in 2007. The Voter Kiosk shows us once again VOTEC’s long term commitment to improving the voter experience.

All three counties will also be benefitting from VOTEC’s more efficient, more reliable drivers’ license scanning technology. John Medcalf, VOTEC CEO, notes: “We went the extra mile to develop the best glare resistance and speed on the market. Everyone will appreciate the more reliable processing.”

All of the above and more are now available to all Ohio counties thanks to the forward thinking of Secretary of State Jon Husted and the Ohio legislature to fund this technology. Electronic poll books are a win-win-win – a win for voters, for Precinct Election Officials, and for Election staff.


VOTEC has 36 years serving voters and election workers with computer solutions. VOTEC constantly works to honor the hard work of election officials and poll workers and the sensitivities of voters. Every VOTEC product gives the voters confidence in their elections while making election workers efficient.

VOTEC continues to specify Microsoft technology as the standard for mission critical development. VOTEC has certified Windows 8.1 and will shortly certify Windows 10 for your mission critical work.

For further information and a full demonstration please contact VOTEC today.