VOTEC Corporation has a proven history of providing election solutions for clients across the country for over three decades, with products designed to specifically address the challenges within elections. VOTEC’s products are produced and supported by a group of former elections officials, elections computer managers, and Texas based customer support. This unique combination of experience and knowledge is rare and clearly separates VOTEC from other companies that don’t know or understand how detail oriented and demanding the election process is. Nearly 70% of Texas registered voters live in counties served by VOTEC.

Customers in over 10 states serving over 12 million registered voters

VOTEC’s foundation and primary business is Voter Registration and Election Management with two established and robust software packages designed to both modernize the election process and efficiently manage the voters. VoteSafe™ helps process voters in the precinct with electronic poll books capable of serving as remote election management locations. Administratively, VEMACS is specially designed software that has matured to become the most efficient, flexible, and user friendly Voter Registration and Election Management system available.