Why Should You Trust VOTEC?


VOTEC has been an elections-only company for 35 years.

VOTEC has delivered in all major elections areas.


  • Ballot counting – 1980 to present
  • Camera-ready ballot production – 1986 to 2006
  • On-demand ballot printing – 1986 to 2006
  • Signature digitizing, display, and poll book printing – 1988 to 2006
  • Petition checking – 1989 to present
  • Voter registration – 1992 to present
  • Web early voting – 1996 to present
  • GIS integration – 1998 to present
  • Batch imaging – 2000 to present
  • Electronic poll books – 2007 to present
  • Overseas ballot management – 2012 to present

VOTEC hires from elections.

  • 6 elections directors – Andy, Dennis, Karen, Keir, Linda, Randy
  • 5 elections computer managers – Jay, Joaquin, Liz, Sam, Tom
  • 5 sales representatives with extensive records of elections customer satisfaction

VOTEC treats every contract as an iron clad obligation, not a gamble that we know what we’re doing.

  • Over 350 election system installations
  • 99% done without change orders. We know our business going in, so you know your costs for the life of the contract.

VOTEC has provided customers updated versions of their products for over 20 years under their maintenance and support agreements. VOTEC does not charge extra for product upgrades.

VOTEC has delivered major systems to five of the fifteen largest U.S. counties.

VOTEC makes its entire customer list available as references.

VOTEC knows a lot about elections. We especially know to listen. Our recurring customer compliment is that we speak your language and we understand your requests.


*(Help America Vote Act)