How Can We Work Most Effectively With VOTEC?

1. Arrange for a Presentation.

We will bring a cross section of project documents to show the interactions that have led to customer comfort with the product and their readiness to deploy. These will include emails, records of phone calls and Webex sessions, design documents, design review documents, and final product documentation and running code.

The prime purpose of this specialized approach is to have you and your staff appreciate the level of detail other organizations felt appropriate to get the right results. Since the poll book concept is so simple a common mistake all around is to think that creating the right poll book for you is a piece of cake. As described elsewhere, we do sell the vanilla poll book. That may be right for you. Our presentation can let you make that decision with confidence.

2. Pick your preferred approach.

Review your options thoroughly with your staff and any oversight commissions. Decide whether you want to go for a basic poll book rollout for 2016 or a more comprehensive product with functions such as ballot reconciliation, payroll tracking and equipment tracking.

3. Spend time with VOTEC to pin down how specialized your needs may be.

Our elections experienced staff can quickly assess the effort involved to reach your goals for 2016. If you are required to go to bid we can help you value the various options you might want to pursue.

4. Get a quote from VOTEC.