A Look at Legacy VoteSafe™ Poll Books


VOTE-SAFE-laptop-from-pdf_450VOTEC introduced VoteSafe electronic poll books in November 2007. VoteSafe electronic poll books have operated with live updates from the voter registration database since that initial 2007 rollout.

VoteSafe featured exceptional simplicity from the start for both election management officials and the poll workers that operated it. No data elements appear on VoteSafe screens that isn’t absolutely necessary.

VoteSafe also brought the electronic poll book software licensing fees down to earth starting with our first sale. VoteSafe is election management software run on off-the-shelf hardware. The software component of competitor’s poll books was over $3,000 in 2007. VOTEC initially licensed VoteSafe at $800 per unit in 2007, a price that’s still honored in states with large precincts averaging more than 1500 voters per precinct. Your state may be less.

We also charge only for units deployed. Customers could have any number of spare devices ready with no additional software license necessary.

VoteSafe has been our poll book brand since 2007. PollPower™ is our brand for the comprehensive and feature-rich election day network software that some of our customers choose. PollPower options are discussed on the Home Page and elsewhere on this site.


  • VoteSafe:        VOTEC software for electronic poll books
  • PollPower:        VOTEC software for poll books and election management
  • Field System:        Laptop or tablet at the voting location
  • Management System:        Central server software for administrators and roving support
  • Live Help:        Tailored instant messaging between poll workers and managers

Standard Features – Connected or Unconnected

  • Election day and early voting modes
    • Updates all sites with each check-in for early voting and vote centers
  • Run connected to central server or unconnected if desired
  • Import standard files from voter registration / election management system
    • voter
    • street index
    • absentee / mail ballot transactions
    • poll place definition
    • precinct to poll place assignment
  • Export standard files to voter registration
    • voting history
    • voter updates
  • Search for voter by name, address, ID numbers, birthdate
    • allow wild cards in voter names, street names
  • Display matching voters in a list with address and birth date or birth year
    • make in-precinct voters obvious if voting is by precinct
  • Display a selected voter's identifying information, voting status and ballot eligibility
    • show party if registration is by party
    • show party selection where and when used
    • block checking-in when voting status, voter status, or lack of a ballot so indicates
    • require poll worker action or voter signature pad action where affirmation is required
  • Record voter's choices as stated to poll worker or as selected on a signature pad
  • Complete check-in by printing a label or form where used and by saying so on screen
  • All transactions are time stamped and logged
  • Allow cancelling of check-in within constraints set by election authority
    • keep check-in record
    • add check-in cancelled record
    • allow future check-in using same voter record
  • Security
    • Passwords at poll place or poll worker level
    • Database encrypted
    • SSN not used or stored
    • Communicating Field Systems easily blocked if they are suspect
    • Windows can be configured to limit user access
  • Provisional voter processing
    • Capture all required information
    • Use pre-loaded voter information where appropriate
  • Same day registration per state law
  • Direct voters to correct polling places. Print poll address if printer attached.

Standard Features when Field Systems are Network Connected

  • Allow check-ins to continue if connections lost - no poll worker action required
  • Transaction records are uploaded
  • Voter record changes are downloaded
  • In person or absentee voting records are downloaded
  • Security
    • Communications are encrypted
    • Field System communications easily blocked if a Field System is suspect
  • Monitor Field System throughput
    • Separate statistics by voter processing category

    Extra Benefits

  • Live Help instant messaging - requires communications
    • Automatically log and report on all conversations
  • Live Help instant messaging from poll workers
    • Automatically reference on screen voter
    • Administrator can preset categories
    • All messages same priority - no one is jumping to the head of the line
    • Alert when answer is received
    • Categories can be targeted to specific elections office personnel
  • Live Help instant messaging from election central
    • Three priority levels
    • Targeted by precinct, poll, district, ballot style, or all Field Systems
    • Has been used for tornado warning
  • Ballot selection
    • Printed bar code for legacy Hart systems
    • GEMS card encoding for TSX
    • Ballot style printed on label or receipt for Field Systems with printers
    • Ballot printing with PDFs and appropriate printer
  • On The Line voter line management
    • Walk the line with any Wifi enabled mobile device
    • Provide early recognition of voters who are at wrong location
    • Provide early recognition of voters who need ID for first time voting
    • Provide early recognition of voters who have moved
    • Queue voter names on Field Systems so voter search is already done
    • Direct selected categories of voters to specific lines for paperwork or assistance

VoteSafe Screenshots

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VoteSafe Voter Check-In System

VoteSafe Election Administration Screen

VoteSafe Edit Current Election Export

VoteSafe Reports

VoteSafe Voter Information Screen

VoteSafe Live Help Conversations

VoteSafe Live Help Provisionals


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